5. They were instructed in church truths (Matt. 18:15.20).

Some questions to consider in answering this:

  1. Do we instruct potential members of a New Testament church in church truths prior to them joining the church?
  2. Do we just let them join and maybe they will get it in time?
  3. Do we let them join and then instruct them?

You see, if we do what is suggested in the first question, then when they join they understand what they are joining and why.  Moreover, they are much more likely to enter into long term service, as they willingly choose to enter into covenant with their Saviour, and serve Him.

If we do what is suggested in the last two questions we are far more likely to have someone join, then hear about some part of being in covenant with the Lord for service that they don’t like, and depart in a huff.  This even extends to the part where they hear that being a member of a New Testament church means that one is in covenant with the Saviour.  Moreover, they are likely to spread it about that they were deceived by the Pastor and other members of the church, and label the church a cult.

Again, like Points 3 and 4, this point actually illustrates the building of a church.

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