It isn’t like this is news. Rather, it shouldn’t be news that man is a creature of hypocrisy. Nonetheless, some hypocrisies are easier to bear than others.

There are a lot of hypocrisies surrounding the issue of firearms and firearms ownership. There are also a lot of hypocrisies surrounding the issue of abortion. Generally, those supporting abortion are the more hypocritical of the two camps. The reason for this is quite simple:

Anytime you kill someone for no greater purpose than avoiding personal responsibility, you have entered morally indefensible territory.

Without doubt, the vast majority of abortions take place for no greater reason than it is inconvenient for the woman to be pregnant.

And yet, people pitch a fit over an 18 yr old going off the deep end and murdering a classroom full of kids — but the violence of a mother against her unborn child, resulting in its death goes without notice. In fact, it is accepted as “normal.”

This is an utterly hypocritical position to hold.

Moreover, there is a subtle, unspoken message sent by this situation:

That life only matters — so long as your life isn’t inconvenienced. If you are inconvenienced, then life is of no consequence, and whoever it is that is inconveniencing you should be removed.

It is ironic that adults don’t realize that kids can spot this hypocrisy easily. Kids know that if it inconveniences an adult, they will fall last on the list. That is the clear message Salvador Ramos obviously got throughout his rather disturbing childhood.

Salvador Ramos is solely responsible for the decisions he made as a result of this. Nonetheless, the society is responsible for sending this horrendously hypocritical message.

There are no innocent parties here. The society that exists in America is responsible for the callous way it treats individuals, and the individuals are responsible for how they choose to respond to society.

By the way, the government cannot fix this — except to removed any protection for abortion. The rest of the correction of this situation must come from each and every individual.

The Hypocrisy of Man
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