The following is one of the major reasons I am a Baptist (and not something else) — the first and foremost reason is that I am born-again in Christ Jesus.

Edinburg Cyclopedia (Presbyterian): “It must have already occurred to our readers that the Baptists are the same sect of Christians that were formerly described as Ana-Baptists. Indeed this seems to have been their leading principle from the time of Tertullian to the present time.” Tertullian was born just fifty years after the death of the Apostle John. (The Trail of Blood, J. M. Carroll)

The following is excerpted from The Trumpet, a bi-monthly newsletter of Faith Baptist Church, Harrison, AR Three things must be true concerning the beginning of the church in order for it to be a scriptural church. It must have the right Founder — Jesus Christ (Mt. 16:18); The right place — Palestine (where Christ lived); And the right time — during Christ’s personal ministry. Any church that does not meet these three requirements cannot be the church that the Lord built. When and where did all these other denominations begin? [Date — Denomination — Founder] 325AD-610AD — Roman Catholic (date range depends upon who you believe-PWD) 1054AD — Greek Orthodox 1530AD — Lutheran — Martin Luther 1530AD — Episcopal — Henry VIII 1541AD — Presbyterian — John Calvin 1581AD — Congregational — Robert Browne 1624AD — Friends 1708AD — Church of the Brethren — A.Mack 1727AD — Freewill Baptists — Paul Palmer 1728AD — Seventh Day Baptists — John C. Beissel 1729AD — Methodist — John & Charles Wesley 1800AD — United Brethren in Christ — Otterbein/Boehm 1800AD — Evangelical — Jacob Albright 1810AD — Cumberland Presbyterian — Ewing/King/McAdow 1825AD — Unitarians — W.E.Channing 1825AD — Churches of God in N.A. — Winebrenner 1829AD — Plymouth Brethren — J.N.Darby 1830AD — Mormons (LDS) — Joseph Smith 1831AD — Primitive Baptists — Daniel Parker 1837AD — Christian — Alexander Campbell 1837AD — Church of Christ — Alexander Campbell 1844AD — Christadelphians — John Thomas 1845AD — Seventh Day Adventists — James White 1845AD — Spiritualism — Andrew Davis 1848AD — Church of God (New Dunkards) — G. Patton 1852AD — Advent Christian — Church J. Cummings 1865AD — Salvation Army — William Booth 1872AD — Jehovah’s Witnesses — Charles Taze Russell 1879AD — Church of Christ-Scientist — Mary Eddy Baker 1880AD — Church of God — Daniel S. Warner 1881AD — Christian & Missionary Alliance — Simpson 1882AD — Brethren Church 1885AD — Swedish Evangelical Mission Covenant 1888AD — Swedish Evangelical (Free Church) 1894AD — United Evangelical 1894AD — Church of Christ (Holiness) — C.P.Jones 1907AD — Church of the Nazarene — Hoople/Bressee 1907AD — National Council of Churches 1914AD — Churches of God, Holiness — K.H.Burruss 1914AD — Assemblies of God What is true of the above listed churches is true of all other denominations, as they also would fail to meet these three requirements. Baptists are the only churches that can meet these requirements. No man this side of Christ can be named as the founder of Baptists. Nor can any date this side of His personal ministry be pointed out, nor any location outside of Palestine be set for their beginning period. It is a distinct principle with Baptists that they acknowledge no human Founder, recognize no human authority, and subscribe to no human creed. For all these things, Baptists of every name and order go back to the New Testament. And while no competent Baptist historian assumes to be able to trace a succession of Baptist church through the ages, most of them are of one accord in believing that, if we could secure the records, there would be found heroic groups of believers in every age who upheld with their testimonies and, in many cases, with their lives, the great outstanding and distinctive principles of the Baptist churches of today. Bureau of Census for 1926 United States Department of Commerce

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  • 28 Feb 2008 at 01:39

    The Adventists have a great prophet as founding force!

  • 28 Feb 2008 at 09:07

    Unfortunately, Ellen G. White was not correct on a number of prophecies.

    I have a copy of “America in Prophecy” which was “The Great Controversy” and have read sections of it. Clearly, Ellen White was totally incorrect on a number of issues.

    However, prophecy is an area that snares a lot of people and I do not get into it, other than to state what the Bible states expressly or is utterly plain in principle (such as the conditions that bring about God’s judgement upon a nation).

    My problem with E.G. White and Seventh-Day Adventism is doctrinal. The Seventh-Day Adventist church is in error concerning salvation, the form of the church, the dispensations of witness, baptism, the Sabbath, the nature of God, who Jesus Christ is, etc..

    I do not pretend to explain all the errors of the Seventh-Day Adventist church and E. G. White’s teachings, there are many resources out there that do a thorough job of that. My concern is having right doctrine, as that is the standard by which we will be judged. A brief Google search brought up the following site (this is not an endorsement of the site as I do not know what the gentleman believes):

    A True Prophet?

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