What a day. Ten hours worth of changing the underlying code of all the mainpages to make a more readable layout that is both robust and easier to update. All this was done to prep for the addition of several new pages that are dedicated to the rest of the ministry.

Now, all I have to do is update the code behind the existing article pages and update the Spanish and German websites and it will all look and function the way it is supposed to. Unfortunately, today’s endeavor was also an interesting struggle with the effects of the browser wars. I originally designed the pages to look good in Opera, and then tested them in Firefox and IE 6. What looked good and worked in Opera, fell apart in IE 6 and didn’t quite function in Firefox. I had to go back and revise some of the code for Firefox and (of course) have an entirely different stylesheet for IE 6. I even looked at it in Safari after the changes, and it looked pretty good there as well.

Now, I know there are folks out there who will look at the site and comment that it is a simple site as far as design is concerned. However, accessibility is the primary aim of this site, with aesthetics not so much a concern. There are two reasons for this:

First, when visitors come to the website, if they are tickled with “eye candy” they will not take the content seriously. Moreover, those who are interested only in having something novel to look at are not really interested in where they stand with the LORD God. My interest is the state of the soul of the visitor. My desire is to see those who do not know the LORD come to know Him, and those who do know the LORD personally; see them grow in the knowledge of the LORD Who saved them.

Second, My Lord and Savior was not “attractive,” and neither was the tabernacle that represented His work to come. Rather, in Isaiah it plainly states that “he hath no form nor comeliness that we should desire him.” Moreover, the tabernacle of the Old Testament was not at all attractive. In fact, it was covered with badger skins with all the beauty of it only seen on the inside (which is the way it is with Christ). Even so, the design of this site should focus the visitor on its content and the subject of that content – the Lord Jesus Christ.

With that, I pray that the new coding makes visiting the site more of a blessing.

Recoding the Website
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