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  • Introduction
  • The Straw Man Argument
  • The Judgment of the LORD and the Destruction of Children
  • The Pro-Choice Argument
  • The Case Against Abortion
  • Introduction to the Appendices
  • Appendix A: Righteousness
  • Appendix B: The Origin of Sin
  • Appendix C: “In the image of God, made he man…”
  • Appendix D: The Fall of Man
  • Appendix E: The Error of “Original Sin”
  • Appendix F: “Against Thee, Thee Only, Have I Sinned….”
  • Appendix G: How the LORD God deals with man
  • Appendix H: The Death Penalty: Scriptural or Not?
  • Appendix I: Where Do Children Go When They Die?
  • Appendix J: Salvation
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